Lavender Luxe

Maui Earl Grey tea is inspired by lavender from the Valley Isle.  The plant thrives in cold climates and its purple hue can be seen on the slopes of Haleakala.

maui lavender

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We meticulously blend the botanical with silky black tea and bergamot from Madagascar so Maui Earl Grey is uplifting without being perfumey.  The blend is available in both loose tea and tea bags.


We were honored to be a part of the 10th Anniversary L’ulu Benefit Gala to support Leeward Community College’s Culinary Arts Program.  What made this year’s event special, besides our hit drink (LOL!), was ten alumni chefs from renown kitchens like Alan Wong’s Restaurant, Four Seasons Ko Olina and Ritz Carlton Waikiki return to campus to prepare exclusive dishes for the evening.


Maui Mist Iced Tea Latte with lemongrass creme

We made a refreshing iced tea latte featuring Maui Earl Grey.  Here’s how we did it.


Maui Earl Grey     Whole milk     Simple syrup     Pure cane sugar

Heavy cream     Lemongrass     Powdered Sugar     Mint


Heat water to 195 degrees (F).  Steep 5 g Maui Earl Grey to 8 oz hot water for 5 minutes.  Strain and let cool.

For simple syrup, boil equal parts of water and pure cane sugar until the sugar is completely dissolved and the liquid is clear.  Let cool.

Smash lemongrass and simmer in whole milk.  Do not burn milk but simmer long enough so milk is infused with lemongrass flavor.  Let cool then chill.

Combine 12 oz cold heavy cream to 4 oz cold lemongrass milk.  Mix in 3 tablespoons powdered sugar.  Add to whipped cream dispenser to apply.

Mix 8 oz brewed Maui Earl Grey, 2 oz milk and 1 oz simple syrup.  Serve in a tall glass over ice.  Top with lemongrass whipped cream.  Add mint garnish and serve.

Color Tells a Story


“Higher in antioxidants, lower in caffeine.”  Music to my ears.  I can drink tea all day so my body loves the antioxidants and hydration but can do with less caffeine.  I’m not a caffeine hater.  I think caffeine has a place in this world.  Science is beginning to look for positive benefits like links to reducing inflammation though intentions of these studies could be justification for our addiction.

Higher antioxidants, lower caffeine is also a hallmark of some of our Hawaiian Natural Tea organic green tea blends like Mango Peach, Passionfruit Orange, Pineapple Strawberry and Poha Berry.  The liquor color of these green tea blends are lighter than 100% black tea.

Why Blend?

Green tea is softer, allowing tastes to come through more naturally without heavy flavoring.  They taste like real tea!  Plus, our green tea blends are higher in antioxidants and lower in caffeine compared to traditional black teas.

Rule of thumb

A general rule of thumb is lighter brewed tea is higher in antioxdants and lower in caffeine than darker brews.  Lighter teas (ie. green and white) undergo little processing and retain more of their natural catechin/polyphenol (antioxidants) content.  More aggressive processing to make black tea breaks down antioxidants reducing their amount in the cup while de-stabilizing the caffeine molecules making them more soluble.  The more soluble the caffeine, the more it ends up our cups and bodies.

Time to TEATOX.


Over indulged during the holidays?  TEATOX with us.

Drinking tea with dessert cuts out all the calories…NOT.  You don’t need “miracle diet tea” to loose weight.  If it’s sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

All tea made with camellia sinensis; white, green, oolong, black teas, offers great lifestyle benefits.  Here are a few.

  • Tea has 0 calories and 0 grams of sugar.
  • Tea is a delicious way to add water to your lifestyle for better hydration.
  • Tea contains essential minerals like manganese and potassium that help the body function properly and stay healthy.
  • Tea contains EGCG catechins that can stimulate thermogenesis, a metabolic process central to weight loss.

The Art of Taiwan Tea


Zih Ru Cing An, Taoyuan City

The craftsmanship that goes into making fine Taiwan tea is easily underestimated. Making an oolong is a 2-3 day continual process from start to finish. We know because our teamaker, Byron Goo, had the privilege of doing so with Lin Yao Jing of award winning Lin Wang Tea in Taitung, Taiwan.


Making tea with Lin Yao Jing of Lin Wang Tea

This is why Taiwan “cha” has so much character and diversity which can satisfy any thirst.  A fruity Taitung or classic earthy Pu-erh can easily appeal to Italian roast and espresso drinkers.  A floral Pouchong is like a fine Pinot wine.  High Mountain Oolong can be crisp like a Chardonnay.

Because Taiwan has been a tea producing country since the mid 1860’s, a rich culture and industry for artistic tea ware has developed around the drink.

New teas and tea ware are coming soon.  Imagine which teas you can give loved ones on your Christmas list.

Fine Taiwan Teas:

Jade Pouchong (Bao Zhong)

White Tip Oolong (Oriental Beauty)

High Mountain Oolong (from Lishan)

More coming soon!

Breakfast Tea Like No Other



photo by Natalie Zakanova

Most breakfast blends are made with dark Assam teas to take with milk and sugar.  Otherwise, they’ll make your nose curl and your palate pucker.  When I created Island Breakfast, I wanted a black tea that could be enjoyed neat with zero-calories and paired with the Pacific Rim foods we love in the Islands.


Breakfast blends are made with low elevation Assam teas from the central to southern parts of India.  Assam is one of the largest tea growing regions in the world.  As the rhino in the region’s logo implies, Assams are known for their strength and body.  These teas are sturdy and stand up well to milk and sugar.

Island Breakfast is made with fine Assam for a rich malty base.  We blend in high elevation Darjeeling to add lift and breadth to the taste profile.  One sip and you will taste why Island Breakfast is breakfast tea like no other.

Green Tea: An Elixir for Life


“Green tea can prevent cancer,” was the claim made by a Japanese study more than 25 years ago that lit the fire about the health benefits of tea drinking.  Researchers were curious to learn why residents in Shizuoka who smoked cigarettes just as much as in other parts of Japan experienced lower rates of esophogeal and stomach cancer.  One lifestyle difference researchers studied was green tea consumption which is high in Shizuoka because the region is the bread basket (more like tea basket) for the country.

Over the years, studies in Japan and in other countries have arrived at the same conclusion that green tea can shrink tumors and cancer cells.  Other health benefits of drinking green tea include:

  • Improved heart health and immunity boost
  • Relaxation
  • Regulate blood balance
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Contains zero calories
  • Anti-bacterial properties so great to drink raw foods like sushi

Enjoy a cup of fine green tea.  It’s an elixir for life!

Why Try Our Chai?


I learned to make great tasting chai before I actually acquired a taste for the Indian drink.  Growing up in Hawaii in an Asian American home, putting spices and milk in hot tea was a foreign concept.  One of my mentors was a tea merchant from India who taught me how to make good chai.

Our chais are mixtures of tea and spices.  You add the kind of milk and sweetener that you desire.

In 2014, Chefs Wade Ueoka and Michelle Karr-Ueoka contacted us about afternoon tea service at their namesake MW Restaurant.  Oprah launched her chai that year and I boldly set out to make them a chai that would be better than Oprah’s.

This year, we added MW Coconut Chai to the Island Essence Tea Collection.


Our MW Coconut Chai Frappe sold out at a collab pop-up this summer.




6oz brewed MW Coconut Chai     20g agave     3oz coconut milk

Fresh whipped cream     Wailea Ag nutmeg     Ice cubes



Steep 4g of tea in 7oz freshly boiled water for 10 minutes then strain.  Stir in agave and coconut milk then let cool.  Pour over ice.  Top with whipped cream and freshly ground nutmeg.

Drink can also be serve blended.



Hawaiian Grown Tea

2015-11-11 12.26.46

Doesn’t look like much now but one day this will be part of a beautiful working tea farm…Hawaiian Style!  Ulupalakua Ranch on the leeward side of Haleakala is planting tea at 4700′ above sea level.  What makes this project unique is that rows of tea is being planted between rows of native koa trees.  The koa will grow tall over time while the tea will be manicured to be an understory crop.  Leaves from the koa trees help with nitrogen fixation to maintain soil fertility for years to come.

More than a Drink

Keep calm

An excerpt from a customer’s letter that tea is more than just a drink.

“I am writing to thank you for making such wonderful tea.  As a disabled Army veteran, I don’t often find easy, quick ways to unwind.  Your teas help me to do just that.  Your teas have helped me to successfully manage stress, anxiety and PTSD in a healthy way.

Please let the people at your company know how much I appreciate the time and effort you all put into making your tea.  At the end of the day just know there are those out here like myself who are stealing a much needed quiet moment of peace with the fabulous tea you make.”

Thank you for enjoying our products.

Live well, Laugh often, Love much.


puerhPuerh was my dad’s favorite tea with dim sum and it wasn’t because of it’s taste.  It’s deep, earthy quality is definitely an acquired taste.  I learned that he drank it because it cut the oil and aided digestion. I couldn’t get past the smell.

Puerh tea is made from broad leaf camellia sinensis found in Yunnan province, China.  Typically, the tea is formed into flat cakes which makes for easy storing.  Most puerh on the market come in pressed form but there is also loose leaf puerh.  “Raw” puerh brews a milder cup with yellow-golden hues.  “Ripe” puerh undergoes a fermentation process in which microbial activity changes the composition of the tea and yields a dark, sinister tasting cup.  That’s what dad drank!

Like scotch and whiskey, aged puerh is more expensive the longer it’s been stored.  People drink puerh religiously to reduce choloesterol.  English packaging says drinking puerh quickens recovery from fatique and intoxication.  Ah, hang over remedy…ancient Chinese secret.