Starbucks Buys Teavana for $620 million

A couple people have asked me what I thought about Starbucks buying tea retailer Teavana. I’ve heard the number vary between $320 – 620 million.   Hey what’s $300 million give or take a few million?  Kidding aside, Starbucks making such a significant investment in tea confirms that more than a few of us believe in the virtues of the leaf. Look at what Sarbucks did to the humble coffee bean. They’ve elevated it’s status around the globe. Coffee is now consumed in more countries and by more people on a daily basis than ever before. The company also elevated our consciousness as to how much we are willing to for a cup of joe let alone other beverages.  Looks like the zenith of tea has yet to come.

About The Leaf Lover
Aloha, my name is Byron Goo. I started our company in 1995 in my garage. Tea has taken me all over the world since then and I continue to be a student of the leaf and of life. The Leaf Lover is a way for me to share about my passion for tea and our small business. I wear many hats including CEO of the company but I think of myself simply as a tea maker.

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