Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls

jasmine pearl tubes

Jasmine gives off an alluring, soothing scent.  Jasmine pikake flowers are often strung into fragrant leis and given on auspicious occasions like weddings, graduations and special performances.  I wonder if the Hawaiians picked up this practice from the Chinese?

Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls were first commission by the Imperial Court during the Sung Dynasty as a gift to honored guests. This exotic treasure is hand crafted from young tender tea leaves and scented over 7 days. The scenting technique is so meticulously done that the flavor of this tea will last for 6-8 infusions. I will often take them on trips because this tea is so simple and convenient to use. Just add 5 or 6 pearls to a cup of hot water and enjoy.


About The Leaf Lover
Aloha, my name is Byron Goo. I started our company in 1995 in my garage. Tea has taken me all over the world since then and I continue to be a student of the leaf and of life. The Leaf Lover is a way for me to share about my passion for tea and our small business. I wear many hats including CEO of the company but I think of myself simply as a tea maker.

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