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Afternoon Tea @ MW Restaurant; Coconut Chai

Afternoon Tea @ MW Restaurant


Aiming their culinary craftsmanship at Afternoon Tea, Chefs Wade Ueoka and Michelle Karr Ueoka of MW Restaurant put a fresh spin on the classic service.  This is not grandma’s tea service but she would be thrilled with the reboot.  Many patrons are excited and judging by the 3 month waitlist, this could be the hardest reservation in town to come by.

They invited Byron Goo, Blend Master for The Tea Chest, to design their tea menu.  “I wanted a chai that pairs well with both Wade’s innovative savory dishes and Michelle’s creative desserts.  We also wanted to give it a twist to fit their style of food,” says Goo.

Coconut Chai starts with our classic chai recipe featuring black tea, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon.  Hearty with the right amount of spice, the blend remains smooth enough to drink neat.  “That’s the the first test of a great tasting tea,” adds Goo.  “Before the milk and sugar.”  Yet, it’s sturdy enough to handle milk and sweetner for the perfect dessert tea. Coconut pieces add a festive tropical twist.

Afternoon Tea is served at MW Restaurant on the third Sunday of the month.  Call (808) 955-6505 to book your next tea party.