Iced Tea Cocktails

sydney n chef

Tea makes a great mixer with your favorite vodka, rum or whiskey.  Add some fruit juice and simple syrup to balance the alcohol and voila…a new party favorite!

Tea Cafe @ MW Restaurant

The Tea Chest ohana with Chef Wade Ueoka (far left) and Chef Michelle Karr Ueoka (far right)

Chef Wade Ueoka (far left) and Chef Michelle Karr Ueoka (far right)

We want to thank this dynamic culinary duo for collaborating on a tea themed pop up cafe.  There were many noteworthy firsts at the event.

Every menu item…savories, sweets and drinks…contained tea which was a first in Hawaii.  Chef Wade made 7 courses highlighted by the “B-L-TEA” of smoked duck breast with chiffonade of romaine and tomato gelee; Kona lobster Jasmine Dragon Pearls and Foie Gras Torchon with Assam FOP.  Chef Michelle created 6 desserts including Jasmine Matcha Mousse Napoleon, Makaha Mango “Pop Tart” on yuba pastry puff with lychee tea cheesecake and Maui Lavender Earl Grey tea cakes.

The drinks, crafted by Byron Goo, included a pair of lattes, cold and hot drinks plus some tantilizing iced tea cocktails.  Crowd favorites included the Mamaki Mojito and a blend of three teas called the “BMW” after “Byron, Michelle and Wade.”

Kilinoe & a'a

Teas in the Cloud pair of Hawaiian grown teas

Another first was a pair of small allocation Hawaiian grown teas, one green style tea and one black, from the Big Island Tea Company.  The two were served side-by-side for comparative cupping.  Leaves were plucked from plants growing at 3000′ in a mist shrouded ohia forest and made less than a month before the event.