Uji-cha & Tea Pairing

I recently visited Uji City in Kyoto Prefecture to learn about their style of tea making.  My sensei or teacher is Tsuyoshi Sugimoto, 14th generation owner and tea master of Shohokuen Tea Company.  Shohokuen is the largest matcha producer and tea wholesaler in Kyoto Prefecture.


Uji is famous for producing gyokuro and matcha, two of the highest forms of Japanese tea.  Uji-cha uses shade to produce a unique flavor in the tea which is referred to as umami, the 5th flavor reminiscent of seaweed or soy sauce.

L to R: sencha and gyokuro

L to R: sencha and gyokuro

Japanese pair tea with food like it’s an art form.  Here sencha is paired with ume flavored mochi filled with sweet white bean paste called shiro an.

2015-08-30 10.27.50

Matcha or green tea powder makes a thick, strong “bowl” of tea which is traditionally served with a sweet side dish.  Here matcha is paired with a baked pastry called manju with sweet azuki bean filling.

2015-08-30 10.29.54-1


About The Leaf Lover
Aloha, my name is Byron Goo. I started our company in 1995 in my garage. Tea has taken me all over the world since then and I continue to be a student of the leaf and of life. The Leaf Lover is a way for me to share about my passion for tea and our small business. I wear many hats including CEO of the company but I think of myself simply as a tea maker.

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