Breakfast Tea Like No Other



photo by Natalie Zakanova

Most breakfast blends are made with dark Assam teas to take with milk and sugar.  Otherwise, they’ll make your nose curl and your palate pucker.  When I created Island Breakfast, I wanted a black tea that could be enjoyed neat with zero-calories and paired with the Pacific Rim foods we love in the Islands.


Breakfast blends are made with low elevation Assam teas from the central to southern parts of India.  Assam is one of the largest tea growing regions in the world.  As the rhino in the region’s logo implies, Assams are known for their strength and body.  These teas are sturdy and stand up well to milk and sugar.

Island Breakfast is made with fine Assam for a rich malty base.  We blend in high elevation Darjeeling to add lift and breadth to the taste profile.  One sip and you will taste why Island Breakfast is breakfast tea like no other.

Green Tea: An Elixir for Life


“Green tea can prevent cancer,” was the claim made by a Japanese study more than 25 years ago that lit the fire about the health benefits of tea drinking.  Researchers were curious to learn why residents in Shizuoka who smoked cigarettes just as much as in other parts of Japan experienced lower rates of esophogeal and stomach cancer.  One lifestyle difference researchers studied was green tea consumption which is high in Shizuoka because the region is the bread basket (more like tea basket) for the country.

Over the years, studies in Japan and in other countries have arrived at the same conclusion that green tea can shrink tumors and cancer cells.  Other health benefits of drinking green tea include:

  • Improved heart health and immunity boost
  • Relaxation
  • Regulate blood balance
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Contains zero calories
  • Anti-bacterial properties so great to drink raw foods like sushi

Enjoy a cup of fine green tea.  It’s an elixir for life!