The Art of Taiwan Tea


Zih Ru Cing An, Taoyuan City

The craftsmanship that goes into making fine Taiwan tea is easily underestimated. Making an oolong is a 2-3 day continual process from start to finish. We know because our teamaker, Byron Goo, had the privilege of doing so with Lin Yao Jing of award winning Lin Wang Tea in Taitung, Taiwan.


Making tea with Lin Yao Jing of Lin Wang Tea

This is why Taiwan “cha” has so much character and diversity which can satisfy any thirst.  A fruity Taitung or classic earthy Pu-erh can easily appeal to Italian roast and espresso drinkers.  A floral Pouchong is like a fine Pinot wine.  High Mountain Oolong can be crisp like a Chardonnay.

Because Taiwan has been a tea producing country since the mid 1860’s, a rich culture and industry for artistic tea ware has developed around the drink.

New teas and tea ware are coming soon.  Imagine which teas you can give loved ones on your Christmas list.

Fine Taiwan Teas:

Jade Pouchong (Bao Zhong)

White Tip Oolong (Oriental Beauty)

High Mountain Oolong (from Lishan)

More coming soon!