Color Tells a Story


“Higher in antioxidants, lower in caffeine.”  Music to my ears.  I can drink tea all day so my body loves the antioxidants and hydration but can do with less caffeine.  I’m not a caffeine hater.  I think caffeine has a place in this world.  Science is beginning to look for positive benefits like links to reducing inflammation though intentions of these studies could be justification for our addiction.

Higher antioxidants, lower caffeine is also a hallmark of some of our Hawaiian Natural Tea organic green tea blends like Mango Peach, Passionfruit Orange, Pineapple Strawberry and Poha Berry.  The liquor color of these green tea blends are lighter than 100% black tea.

Why Blend?

Green tea is softer, allowing tastes to come through more naturally without heavy flavoring.  They taste like real tea!  Plus, our green tea blends are higher in antioxidants and lower in caffeine compared to traditional black teas.

Rule of thumb

A general rule of thumb is lighter brewed tea is higher in antioxdants and lower in caffeine than darker brews.  Lighter teas (ie. green and white) undergo little processing and retain more of their natural catechin/polyphenol (antioxidants) content.  More aggressive processing to make black tea breaks down antioxidants reducing their amount in the cup while de-stabilizing the caffeine molecules making them more soluble.  The more soluble the caffeine, the more it ends up our cups and bodies.

About The Leaf Lover
Aloha, my name is Byron Goo. I started our company in 1995 in my garage. Tea has taken me all over the world since then and I continue to be a student of the leaf and of life. The Leaf Lover is a way for me to share about my passion for tea and our small business. I wear many hats including CEO of the company but I think of myself simply as a tea maker.

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