From the Land of Blue Sapphires

Sri Lanka

Besides tea, Sri Lanka is also known for the blue sapphires that come out of the hills of the Ratnapurna District.  The area is densely forested with abundant rainfall.  In fact, the island’s only tropical rainforest, the Sinharaja, lies nearby.

The abundant sunlight and rain in the region make for outstanding growing conditions  for Ceylon Silver Tips.  The air is cool and crisp.  At high elevation, the bushes flush more slowly allowing nutrients in the plants to build within the leaves making for a tastier cup.  This tea consistently fetches high prices at the Colombo auctions.

You immediately notice its attractive curl is unlike any other black tea.  Smaller production runs combined with superior cultivation and processing techniques have allowed the silver tips to be generously preserved and mixed in with the short-spindle black leaves.

The dark amber infusion, like dark ale, is as equally charming. The tea’s complex taste is a melange of honey and fruit.  This full-bodied cup is impressively smooth despite the dark brew.  Its strength equals any breakfast blend.  However, this impeccable offering stands alone as a bonafide self-drinker.